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    Supports energy levels, immunity, mood and stress response.*

    Peekay’s Wake The Dead is for any exhausted and stressed out person who needs energetic support. Students, laborers, athletes, dancers, frequent flyers, workaholics and chronically ill patients. Peekay’s Wake the Dead is for someone who is exhausted or burnt out and needs additional energy but doesn’t want to get wiry, edgy and feeling strung out like when drinking too much coffee. For people who are so tired they feel wobbly and don’t know how they will finish their day. Also for people who are going through a hectic phase of increased demands and they want to maintain their peak performance and avoid getting run down and withered.*

    Peekay’s Wake The Dead is intended to boost, nourish and stimulate your energy without the jittery, scattered and crashing effects commonly experienced with other stimulants like coffee, tea, sugar and drugs. The functional class of these herbs are known as adaptogens. Adaptogens can help the body and mind cope with stressful circumstances. Adaptogens support physical endurance, emotional endurance & mental endurance. Adaptogens are known to have biphasic or two directions of activity. Each adaptogenic herb has the capacity to not only increase energy and uplift but also to calm and ground our energy. Some of the individual adaptogens lean more towards the stimulating end of the spectrum and others lean more towards the nourishing and grounding end of the spectrum. Dosage makes a difference. Moderate doses tend to deliver the calming, nourishing and stabilizing effects of these herbs, while higher doses tend to produce more of the energizing and stimulating effects of the adaptogenic herbs.*

    As low as 1 Teaspoon (4 droppers full) per day for small and sensitive individuals. As high as 2 Tablespoons per day for larger and robust individuals. Herbs can be taken at one time or dosed several times per day. Average dose is 1 Tablespoon (15 droppers full) per day. Higher doses are used for acute and/or severe symptoms, lower doses are used for milder symptoms and/or longer term maintenance. These herbs are most often taken mixed with a cup of hot water (like a cup of tea), but they can also be mixed with cold water or taken as an undiluted shot!

    Codoponsis Root / Dang Shen, Astragalus Root / Huang Qi, American Ginseng Root / Xi Yang Shen, Korean Ginseng Root / Hong Ren Shen, Panax Ginseng Root / Bai Ren Shen, Siberian Ginseng Root / Wu Jia Seng, Rhodiola Rosea Root / Hong Jing Tian, Ashwagandha Root / Withania Somnifera, Schisandra Fruit / Wu Wei Zi, Holy Basil (Tulsi) Leaf / Occimum Sanctum, Gotu Kola / Centella Asiatica, Fresh Ginger Rhizome / Sheng Jiang, Red Jujube Date / Hong Da Zao, Purified Water, Organic Cane Alcohol (20%)

    Most people experience a noticeable but gentle buoyancy of energy that sustains for several hours without a crash at the end. They feel energized and grounded at the same time. They are able to sleep better and for the chronically exhausted, after a few weeks they start to feel renewed with vitality. This usually results in increased productivity and reduced irritability.*

    Useful for fatigue, exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, “tired but wired”, jet lag, increased stress levels, improving sporting performance, supporting physical, mental and emotional endurance, boosting weakened immune systems, recovery from surgery and chronic illness, recovering from chemotherapy and radiation therapy, supporting students during exams etc.* If in doubt, always consult your doctor or a licensed health care provider before taking any medications, over-the-counter drugs, supplements or herbs.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



    FOUNDER: Paul Kempisty
    LOCATION: New York, NY

    After years of treating thousands of patients in his private practice, Paul Kempisty created PEEKAY'S to address the complexity of the modern patient through advancements of classic formulas, bring you the most authentic, personalized herbal prescriptions with ease, ensure herbal formulations are of the highest quality by sourcing the finest and most potent botanicals from all over the world, and answer an overwhelming number of positive responses to the herbs. Having access to practical, safe, potent, and properly dosed herbal formulas can be an exceptionally powerful revolution for any household.