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    For daily use in cold, flu and allergy season to support immune systems.*
    Peekay’s Seasonal Support is suitable for anyone who wants to support immune function and resilience and help themselves avoid getting sick in the winter season. It’s especially useful for those who easily get sick when colds and flus are going around, and also for those who get sick and stay sick for the entire winter season.*

    Peekay’s Seasonal Support provides ongoing immune functions during the cold and flu season in order to help improve our resistance to winter time illness. Helps us stay healthy when all the coughs, colds, flus and bugs are making their rounds.*

    One of the main guiding principles of Chinese Medicine and holistic health care is to prevent illness before it actually arrives and takes a toll on our bodies. To avoid getting sick in the first place is so much more valuable than simply treating an illness that has already damaged our wellbeing. The primary ingredients in Peekay’s Seasonal Support work to maintain optimal immune function, provide naturally occurring vitamin C and minerals as well as reduce inflammation. In Chinese Medicine terms, this formula boosts the defensive Qi, nourishes Qi and blood, consolidates the exterior, and gently releases superficial pathogenic factors.*

    As low as 1 Teaspoon (4 droppers full) per day for small and sensitive individuals. As high as 2 Tablespoons per day for larger and robust individuals.Herbs can be taken at one time or dosed several times per day. Average dose is 1 Tablespoon (15 droppers full) per day. Higher doses are used for acute and/or severe symptoms, lower doses are used for milder symptoms and/or longer term maintenance. These herbs are most often taken mixed with a cup of hot water (like a cup of tea), but they can also be mixed with cold water or taken as an undiluted shot!*

    Astragalus Root / Huang Qi, Goji Berry / Gou Qi Zi, Fresh Ginger / Sheng Jiang, Elderberry Fruit & Flower / Sambucus Nigra, Reishi Mushroom / Ling Zhi, Maitake Mushroom / Grifola Frondosa, Codonopsis Root / Dang Shen, Platycodon Root / Jie Geng, Magnolia Bark / Hou Po, Tangerine Peel / Chen Pi, Tumeric Rhizome / Yu Jin, Holy Basil (Tulsi) / Ocimum Tenuiflorum, Forsythia Flower / Lian Qiao, Honeysuckle Flower / Jin Yin Hua, Scutellariae Baicalensis / Huang Qin, Echinacea Root & Flower / Echinacea Purpurea, White Peony Root / Bai Shao, Cinnamon Twig / Gui Zhi, Nettles Leaf / Urtica Dioica, Red Jujube Fruit / Da Zao, Lemon Essential Oil, Thyme Essential Oil, Purified Water Raw, Organic Honey, Organic Alcohol

    When the Spring time arrives and we notice that we have not been chronically afflicted with colds, coughs and flus, that’s when we know that Peekay’s Seasonal Support has done its job.*

    There may be no specific symptoms necessary for recommending Peekay’s Seasonal Support as it is essentially a prevention formula. But the most appropriate candidates are people who easily get sick several times per winter and/or those who get sick and stay sick for the whole winter. This formula is also appropriate for the very early stage of a cold or flu when mild symptoms are arriving and before one becomes fully sick.* If in doubt, always consult your doctor or a licensed health care provider before taking any medications, over-the-counter drugs, supplements or herbs.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



    FOUNDER: Paul Kempisty
    LOCATION: New York, NY

    After years of treating thousands of patients in his private practice, Paul Kempisty created PEEKAY'S to address the complexity of the modern patient through advancements of classic formulas, bring you the most authentic, personalized herbal prescriptions with ease, ensure herbal formulations are of the highest quality by sourcing the finest and most potent botanicals from all over the world, and answer an overwhelming number of positive responses to the herbs. Having access to practical, safe, potent, and properly dosed herbal formulas can be an exceptionally powerful revolution for any household.