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    Supports upset digestive function in children.* 

    Peekay’s Kid’s Yummy Tummy is for supporting any child, over one year of age, suffering from upset tummy or digestive symptoms. These issues can be acute or chronic. This formula can be taken short term to address symptoms that arrive suddenly, and it can also be taken for longer term to support chronic digestive symptoms in children.*

    Peekay’s Kid’s Yummy Tummy is intended to support a wide variety of digestive symptoms in children, from the top of the pipes (mouth) to the bottom of the pipes (colon). These symptoms include nausea, heartburn, food poisoning, gastritis, gas, bloating, constipation & diarrhea.*

     Kid’s Yummy Tummy contains herbal ingredients that help reduce abdominal pain, nausea, gas, and inflammation, support healthy secretion of digestive enzymes, promote healthy peristalsis (normal rhythms of intestinal contraction), as well as improving assimilation and absorption of nutrients.*

    For Children over one year of age:
    As low as 1 Squirt per years of age for small and sensitive kids.
    As high as 2 Squirts per years of age for larger and robust kids

    Herbs can be taken once or twice per day. (For example, a two year old gets two squirts per dose taken once or twice per day, while a five year old gets 5 squirts per dose taken once or twice per day.) One teaspoon is equivalent to four squirts / droppers full. Higher doses are used for acute and/or severe symptoms, lower doses are used for milder symptoms and/or longer term maintenance.

    For Children, these herbs can be squirted directly from the dropper into the child’s mouth, they can be mixed with cold or hot water, or they can be mixed with a juice, smoothie or apple sauce.

    Fresh Ginger / Sheng Jiang, Agastache / Huo Xiang, Hawthorn Berry / Shan Zha, Mume Fruit / Wu Mei, Magnolia Bark / Hou Po, Cured Tangerine Peel / Chen Pi, White Atractylodes / Bai Zhu, Poria / Fu Ling, Bitter Orange / Zhi Ke, Perilla Leaf / Zi Su Ye, Red Atractylodes / Cang Zu, Platycodon Root / Jie Geng, Pinelia / Ban Xia, Peppermint / Bo He, Jujube date / Da Zao, Red Tangerine Peel / Ju Hong, Papaya Seed / Carica Papaya, Purified Water, Glycerin, Organic Honey

    When our child reports improved digestive symptoms, less or no nausea, less or no stomach ache etc., then we know it's working*.

    This herbal formula is for any digestive symptoms in children. From food poisoning, to heart burn, gastritis, nervous stomach, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating and stomach ache, Peekay’s Kid’s Yummy Tummy delivers safe and gentle ingredients that are combined to give children maximum support for acute or chronic digestive ailments.*
    If in doubt, always consult your doctor or a licensed health care provider before taking any medications, over-the-counter drugs, supplements or herbs.



    FOUNDER: Paul Kempisty
    LOCATION: New York, NY

    After years of treating thousands of patients in his private practice, Paul Kempisty created PEEKAY'S to address the complexity of the modern patient through advancements of classic formulas, bring you the most authentic, personalized herbal prescriptions with ease, ensure herbal formulations are of the highest quality by sourcing the finest and most potent botanicals from all over the world, and answer an overwhelming number of positive responses to the herbs. Having access to practical, safe, potent, and properly dosed herbal formulas can be an exceptionally powerful revolution for any household.