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Written by Emily Shapiro


Posted on July 11 2021

There are a multitude of reasons why Madison Rae (@themadisonrae) has become a favorite follow for so many of us on Instagram. 

What started as a destination for minimalist fashion inspiration has turned into a multidimensional platform with curated lifestyle content, a focus on wellness, parenthood and design -- always with a healthy dose of candor that keeps everyone coming back for more. 

Based in Tribeca, Madison is a timeless trendsetter that's in the know of all things motherhood and wellness. She is queen of the neutral palette, equally attuned when it comes to uniquely shaped statement pieces from fashion to home decor. Prior to having two adorable kids, Everly and Ford, she was an instructor at Tracy Anderson, a NY-based fitness studio with a regimen that she swears by to this day. 

With a thoughtful approach to daily life and some of the best recommendations out there, we were thrilled when the opportunity came about to pull back the curtain and chat about all things style, life essentials and advice for moms.

What inspires your overall style most? 
Instagram has a huge impact on that. I follow so many great accounts and pull so much from there. My style has really evolved over the last couple of years towards a more understated but elevated neutral palate in both in what I wear and how I decorate. Quality over quantity is my style mantra. 

What are some essential qualities that you keep in mind when picking out pieces for your home? 
I want pieces that are going to stick around for a while.  Just this year I found a new love for vintage furniture. I find myself scrolling nonstop on 1st Dibs, Chairish, and vintage dealers I follow on instagram during my free time.  

What are some feel good pieces that have become part of your daily routine?

  • My gratitude journal. I write in it every morning as soon as I wake up and every night before I go to sleep. It has really helped shift my mindset and reminds me to take notice of little things I am grateful for every single day. 
  • My Blendtec blender.  I make a green smoothie every single day. No matter what. I swear to you my entire life shifted once I started this practice. My kids have it too. It's so delicious and it’s the best start to my family's morning. 
  • Our Wassily chair somehow became my pumping chair. I sit in that chair every night and pump for 20 minutes. I hate pumping but being able to sit in a beautiful chair make it a little less annoying.
  • My vintage Karl Springer style mirror that hangs on the main wall in our living room. I bought it from a vintage store on instagram and I am in love. Not only does it make me so happy to look at it, but I use it daily for outfit pics and mini mirror dance parties with my kids. 
What’s your favorite part of raising your kids in the city?
The culture, diversity, hustle, and energy of NYC can’t be matched. I love that they get to grow up surrounded by that.  It will give them a cool edge when they are older. In terms of the the day to day parts, the convenience of being able to walk everywhere and not need a car is a game changer. Our stroller is our car and everything we need is 10 mins or less away! 

When do you feel your best?
When I am dripping sweat during my Tracy Anderson workout. Her method is pure magic and I am fully obsessed.

What are your favorite kind of fresh cut flowers? 
Lilies and peonies!

What advice would you share with new moms that are trying to balance it all?
Ask for help!! Whether that means your partner, mom, or hiring a babysitter or nanny. I see so many women feel like they have to do it all or else they are a bad mom.  In reality I am a better mom when I get moments to step away for a second and be who I am outside of being a mom.