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Welcome to TALD

Written by Emily Shapiro


Posted on April 22 2020

In 2020, we have witnessed how the power of humility can bring communities together.

Despite the adversity that each of us has faced, we've set aside our personal interests to support first responders, service industry workers and one another. Small businesses have been coming together as many face similar challenges, promoting brands with a similar ethos and focusing on making a positive impact.

We, too, are here to support artisans, ethical entrepreneurs and small businesses — in a big way. Enter TALD.

TALD stands for "things a little differently". Our values are shaped around community, ethics and authenticity.

We seek to engage our makers and clientele to deliver a meaningful experience, to make every day special with one of a kind items, to provide a break from sameness and allow the TALD community to feel good about their purchases.

It is with pleasure that we are launching in support of a world where retail is thoughtful and impactful. 

Welcome to TALD.