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You should hire an interior designer.

Posted on April 18 2023

Think about interior design the way you think of art. Given the same resources — canvas, paintbrush, paint — there’s a high likelihood that an artist will have a much better visualization and end result than you do. Similarly, even if you were provided access to all interior design resources, your end product will always be better as a client of an interior designer. 

Here are the top ways an interior designer will add value to your project:

  • Relationships: Have you ever reached out to a contractor that had great reviews on Google only to be completely ghosted? Or even someone that a friend referred to you? Interior designers tend to work with the same vendors on each project and have priority over the average homeowner. Relationships are everything in the interior design industry, and you may be faced with a challenge just trying to get someone good on the phone.
  • Electrical Plans: It’s much better to do this right the first time around than it is to go back and make changes. There are so many different options when it comes to light fixtures, as well as varying degrees of luminosity and warmth, to consider.
  • Choosing Paint Colors: Interior designers have a sensitivity to color selections that reach far beyond the average person. What you may perceive to be white may read yellow or gray, and there are varying degrees of warmth and coolness to every color. Paint colors are a major consideration for anyone building from the ground up or refreshing their space.
  • Custom Millwork Options: Buying directly from a store isn’t necessarily the most functional or cost efficient option when space planning. Having built-in cabinetry and shelving can transform a space in a way that free-standing fixtures simply cannot and will likely appreciate the value of your home in the long run.
  • Window Treatments: Window treatments can drastically change a room. While they can make a room feel larger and ceilings feel higher, they equally may end up making a room feel small and dark. 
  • Unique Sourcing: Odds are that you want your space to be a reflection of who you are. Your home should be a place of happiness, comfort and meaning. There's a high likelihood that you won't be able to reflect this side of yourself if you're shopping where everyone else is shopping.
The reasons why you should hire an interior designer are truly endless. If you're thinking of hiring an interior designer but you're not sure where to start, feel free to get in touch with us at care@discovertald.com and we'll help you out!